Between December and March (4 months), the supply of fresh tomato is high and thus consumers rarely use other tomato products. However, from April to September (months 4-9), the supply of fresh tomato drastically declines representing the off season during which consumers turn to other forms (imported tomato paste).


These changes result in fluctuation of tomato product prices and affect consumption patterns. During the off season, imports of tomato paste and concentrates increase to fill the gap in demand. Between September and November (9-10) both imports and fresh tomato supply decrease, then increase towards the end of the year due to the low supply of fresh tomato.


Thus, to ensure steady supply of tomato, local processing systems must be developed further.



Smileyz Fresh Tomato Paste


Unlike commercial tomato paste which is heavily-pasteurized to ease the canning process, Smiley'z is unpasteurized and hand-packed, the way it's always been done (this means the lids won't be "compressed", like jarred preserved brands.


How to use


Just a small spoonful of Smiley'z Fresh Tomato Paste will bring depth, sweetness and complexity to any tomato-based sauce. Add a teaspoon or two to a minestrone soup or fish stew, as well as when making marinades and rubs for grilled meats.

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